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We provide limited installation support and limited technical support at no cost to our users through email and the Linux-390 mailing list that is hosted by Marist College. There is also a problem tracking tool that can be used by sending an email to slack390 at (To avoid spammers harvesting the email address, we're not showing the typical "" form, but you should be able to figure it out. :) If you send an email to that address, a problem record will be generated, and notification sent to us to look at it. As long as the problem reporter does a "reply" to any emails coming from the problem reporting system, those replies will be appended to the problem record.

If you need more in the way of support, you should consider a third-party technical support company. These companies offer a wide range of support options, including standard phone support and support contracts.

Sine Nomine Associates now provides commercial support for Slack/390. If you are interested, please contact them directly.

Patrick Volkerding maintains a list of support providers for the Intel version of Slackware at Since most Linux problems are not platform-specific, one of those providers may be able to help you as well.

As is noted at the bottom of that page, "Inclusion on this page is not an endorsement or recommendation."

While we would prefer that all emails be sent to the Linux-390 mailing list (so that everyone can learn from the problem and its resolution), you may send problem reports to s390support at Because it is not easy for us to get access to that address during working hours, any email sent to that address will receive lower priority than those sent to the mailing list.

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