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Many Linux-related sites duplicate information and others focus on specific issues. The links below go to sites that we feel are important and useful web sites.


This site contains lots of information about running Linux on mainframes. Linuxvm.org was conceived as a companion web site for the Linux-390 mailing list that is hosted by Marist College. Gzip compressed copies of the mailing list, items of interest from the mailing list, technical and management presentations, 900+ links to articles, etc. are available.

Linux-390 Mailing List

This is the web interface to the archives of the Linux-390 mailing list that is hosted by Marist College. This mailing list was where the original, non-IBM Open Source project to port Linux to the mainframe started in 1998. Today, it where most of the discussion about Linux on the mainframe takes place. It is "inhabited" by most of the experts on this platform, and is a great place to get help. You can subscribe by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and filling in the web form.

LinuxQuestions.org - "Where newbies come for help!"

This site runs the Slackware questions forum. If you have general Slackware-related questions or need help, this is a great place to join in discussions with a user community that's friendly and eager to help.

Linux Documentation Project

These people are great at explaining how to do things through their famous HOWTO documents.

Linux Weekly News

Published every Thursday, Linux Weekly News is an excellent source of news for the Linux community. Everything from kernel development to commercial announcements is covered.

The Official Slackware Store

This is store.slackware.com, the official online store for the Slackware Linux Project. Here you can purchase the latest release of Slackware, sign up for a Slackware subscription, or check out other Slackware products like stickers, T-shirts, buttons, and more. All your purchases here help support the Slackware project!


This site is updated daily with information about new software and new versions of old software. It also has a searchable "AppIndex" with links and information to just about all major Linux applications.


Linux.com is a site sponsored by VA Linux Systems. A sort of community magazine site, it's full of news, interviews, and columns.

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