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Like all Linux/390 distributions, Slack/390 should run on IBM (or compatible) G2 systems or newer. Something considerably newer will provide much better performance, of course. Below is a list of minimum system requirements needed to install and run Slack/390.
  • Any processor that supports the "Halfword Immediate and Relative Branch Feature" instructions added with the G2. For decent performance, a system with an IEEE Floating Point Unit (FPU) is needed. (G5 and up, MP3000.)
  • 32MB of real storage (or as virtualized by z/VM)
  • 100 cylinders of 3390 DASD
This is very much a minimum. Additional DASD space or real storage will be needed if you want to run run a useful system, such as one with network capabilities. For systems that will be using the qdio/qeth drivers, 40MB of storage would be the recommended minimum.

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